South Frankfort Iron Works Virtual Tour – New BAHS Video

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Join the South Frankfort Iron Works Virtual Tour with Jerry Heiman on our You Tube Channel – Simply click on the link below:


Elberta was originally called South Frankfort until 1911, when it was re-named after the Elberta Peach which grew plentifully in the area.

Along Elberta’s shoreline on Betsie Bay, is what historian Jerry Heiman believes is one of our county’s most significant historical landmarks, the site of the former South Frankfort Iron Works.  The site, which has a skeletal footprint on the property, needs to be protected and preserved or face permanent ruin, according to Heiman.

During last year’s COVID shut downs, Heiman and Curator Jane Purkis, who have led historical bicycle, walking and bus tours, decided we needed to create virtual tour videos for our friends so they could “come along for the tour” with us.

Heiman adds he chose the South Frankfort Iron Works for the first virtual tour video in the series to bring attention to its deteriorating condition and draw support to fund necessary engineering work.  “The Village of Elberta is seeking funding for an engineering study to identify the best steps to preserving this historic structure, and we thought this video would help to make the case that this project deserves grant and public financial support,” Heiman explains.

To learn more about the effort to “Save the Iron Works”, please contact the Village of Elberta at (231)  352-7201 or the Benzie Area Historical Society at (231) 882-5539.