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Benzie County Family History Archives

The Benzie Area Historical Society has collected information from the descendants of Benzie County’s pioneer families, families that have resided in the area for 75 to 100 years or more.  This information may include names, dates, photos, newspaper articles, important documents, obituaries, and family stories.  In addition, the museum has a collection of family Bibles, published genealogies, and books related to the history and industry of Benzie County.

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Research Services & Assistance

Researching your Benzie County ancestors?  Are you interested in a certain aspect of Benzie County history such as the Crane Sawmills, the Ann Arbor Railroad and Car Ferries, or Thompsonville’s Diamond Crossing?  

Our trained historians and genealogists may be available to assist with your research.

If you are interested in utilizing our services, please click below to download our Archives Research Request Form:

Archives Research Request Form

We look forward to helping you with your research!

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Benzie Area Genealogical Society Meetings

Benzie Area Genealogical Society

PLEASE NOTE: The Benzie Area Genealogical Society meetings are currently on hold.  Check back for updates. . .

The Benzie Area Historical Society is a proud partner of the Benzie Area Genealogical Society and is grateful for its support of our mission.