Benzie Area Historical Society & Museum

Our Mission

The mission of the Benzie Area Historical Society is to connect people to the past through the vibrant story of our region.  By collecting, preserving, and interpreting the history of the Benzie area, we link past with present and inspire future generations.  Visit us at the Benzie Area Historical Museum and experience the history of Northern Michigan firsthand.

Online Video Replay – Now Available!

Benzonia Academy Lecture Series

“The History of the Trapp and Sons Celery Farm”

Presented by Ned W. Edwards

Watch this lecture online at:

The Benzie Area Historical Museum

Our museum features permanent exhibits showcasing virtually all aspects of life here in Benzie County since its inception in 1869 as well as two to four special exhibits annually.  We currently have more than 37,000  artifacts in our collection. 

We connect people to the past