Oral History of Frankfort, Michigan

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Florence Wallaker Bixby Oral History – Growing up in Franfort – Recorded February 2nd, 2020

Florence Wallaker Bixby is a life-long Frankfort resident.  She attended Frankfort High School and Benzie County Normal.  After teaching for near 40 years in Elberta, Florence became Benzie Area Historical Society & Museum Director and Curator of its extensive collection.  She has mentored our current Curator, Jane Purkis, who credits Florence with her deep knowledge and understanding of Benzie County and the Historical Society’s collections management needs.

Florence and her husband, Vandorn, were charter Historical Society members.  She is still an active member of the Frankfort Methodist Church.


Young Adulthood


Frankfort, Michigan


Building the Benzie Area Historical Museum


Country Normal & Settling In


Growing Up in Frankfort


Northern Michigan Family Roots


Helping During the Depression


Summertime Diversity


First Family Car


Teaching in Elberta