July 11, 2024 – Benzonia Academy Lecture: “The Congregational Summer Assembly Then and Now”, Presented by Jane Cooper

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Benzonia Academy Lecture Series:

The Congregational Summer Assembly Then and Now: 123 years and Counting”

Presented By:  Jane Cooper

Mills Community House

July 11, 2024 – At 7pm

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As you approach the curve in M-22 where it meets the South Shore Road at blue Crystal Lake you see a brown building and a green ball field. A sign reads “Congregational Summer Assembly. Since 1901.”  A narrow road winds back into the woods and you may have wondered where it goes, wondered whether you could drive back there and find out, and wondered what this “Congregational Summer Assembly” is all about. Perhaps you have seen a poster promoting a musical production, a concert, a lecture, or an art fair on the grounds of the Congregational Summer Assembly and stopped by to take a look – curious about this community that is so busy during the summer and so quiet the rest of the year. What happened in 1901 to place this community here in Pilgrim between Frankfort and Crystalia? After 123 years would its founders recognize it today? What has changed and what keeps the present both linked to the past and anticipating the future?

Join us for a look back at the fascinating history of this Crystal Lake community, presented by CSA Archivist, Jane Cooper.