June 13, 2024 – Benzonia Academy Lecture – “History of the Crystal Lake Yacht Club”, Presented by Judy Groulx

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Benzonia Academy Lecture Series:

“History of the Crystal Lake Yacht Club”

Presented By:  Judy Groulx

Mills Community House

June 13, 2024 – At 7pm

Zoom Link:


This presentation celebrates nine decades of the rich history of the Crystal Lake Yacht Club. It attempts to explain how sailing became a significant part of the lives of its members as its legacy is passed along through the generations. Interviews revealed that women have seen sailing as a safe and fun way to participate more or less equally with the men, so the presentation will especially feature the contributions and perspectives of women and girls at the club.


Judy Groulx is pursuing an interest in becoming an amateur historian since retiring as a psychology professor at Texas Christian University in 2014, and she has been particularly interested in Benzie history. Her grandfather bought farmland in Benzie County in the early 1930s, and her grandchildren represent the 5th generation of family members who never miss a summer at Crystal Lake. She is honored to share her love of sailing and to tell a few stories about the Crystal Lake Yacht Club, having served as its first female commodore. She and her husband, Guy, live in Frankfort from May through October every year and in Fort Worth, TX, the rest of the time.