“1906: A Summer to Remember”, Presented by Cheri Dundon and Steve Veatch – Video Replay

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“1906: A Summer to Remember – Donated Historical Photos Bring a Family to Life”

Presented by:  Steve Veatch and Cheri Dundon

Click Below to Watch the Replay on YouTube:


Steven Veatch, a noted historian with a passion for uncovering the past, and Cheri Dundon, a skilled archivist with a knack for preserving historical treasures, have collaborated extensively to piece together the captivating story of the Wannamaker family and their time in Benzie County. Through their tireless efforts and meticulous research, Veatch and Dundon have delved deeply into an array of valuable sources, including correspondence, historical records, contemporary newspaper accounts, old photographs, oral histories, and various other archival materials. These resources have provided Veatch and Dundon with a treasure trove of information, enabling them to paint a vivid and comprehensive picture of the Wannamaker’s journey in the Benzie area and beyond. Their collaborative effort ensures that we not only get a glimpse into the past but also an understanding of the meticulous process of historical research and archiving. Join us on this enthralling journey back in time as our presenters uncover the grand story of the Wannamaker family.